Surpass Court is located at no. 570 Yongjia road, site area of 3,700 sqm. It was originally the 808 research institute of Shanghai academy of aerospace technology.

Unlike most of the industrial site in Shanghai,
the research institute is not a production space.
It looks just like a traditional office space in appearance.

image of the project on the street?
how to attract people inside?
How to keep people inside?

The front building has to be an attractor and is connected to the interior commercial elements

attracts people and guides people inside

all buildings are opened to the courtyard

Culture, art, leisure, office, bar, catering, exhibition and other functions,
Around the central pedestrian courtyard, the scale is pleasant,
Formed the LIFESTYLE PARK with the courtyard as the center.

“French” or “European”style
human scale | vertical |diverse

In order to create a diverse and interesting urban atmosphere, different materials and colors were applied to the architecture. The division of the lobby, French Windows and wooden shading give a sense of vertical feel, and reflects the French atmosphere around the project.

Surpass Court has become a popular gathering place for fashionable young people in the evening and on weekends. The positive radiation influences the lifestyle and commercial value of the project surroundings.

Tel: 021-62713207

Unit 3A Bldg.4 

No.727 Ding Xi Road, 200052 Shanghai, China

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