logon.design is a contemporary German-Chinese architectural design firm which was co-founded in 2005. We are specialized to provide our clients with innovative architecture, landscape and urban planning and interior design solutions. We believe that successful design must consider site and location, city and culture, the people using it and surrounding context, as well as business mode and market trends. Our multidisciplinary team extensively researches and provides strategic analysis before tackling any project. That’s how our practice has pioneered a full package design services for various types and scales of projects. For over 15 years, we cooperated with a wide array of developers to achieve projects in different style and size. We place great importance on the viability of the business model, to create better places for people. As proof of our design excellence, logon projects have regularly won awards and been recognized in the media and industry forums and exhibitions worldwide.

We believe that modern contemporary design should solve the problems the users are facing today. It’s with this perspective that we are constantly tweaking our methodology by learning from each project, incorporating new trends and technologies. Like a good wine, our service keeps getting better! We believe that each project is unique. logon has chosen not to gravitate to a certain eccentric signature style of architecture. Above all, we are in the business of understanding and responding to the context and circumstances of your project. It’s your guarantee that we value making your project a qualitative space for your people and not just a place for our recognition and fame.


Our team has 50 members from 10 countries. Within the team, architects, urban planners, interior designers, landscape designers, engineers, 3D artists, marketing consultants as well as sociologists work together from the beginning of every design process! By doing so, team members learn from one another and combine their knowledge forging wholly integrated design solutions. The design teams are supported by a number of specialty professions in-house, ensuring that we have the knowledge-base to design reasonable and responsive buildings.


Founding Partner & CEO

Wang Fang

Ms. Wang Fang co-founded logon with Frank Krüger. In her position of CEO, Wang Fang is primarily responsible for the firm’s management and leadership. She graduated with a joint M.A. degree in Architectural Design from Tongji University of Shanghai and the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). Later she completed an MBA at Purdue University, in the US. Wang Fang plays an active role in industry conferences and forums across China and overseas. She is involved in a number of projects working with top local and international developers. With her own passion for artistic design, she also founded logARTon, namely curating several special art exhibitions for logon. 

Founding Partner & Creative Director 

Frank Krüger

Frank Krüger is both a registered architect and an urban planner from Germany. He co-founded logon in Berlin in 2004 and is now the Creative Director overseeing all project design from the Shanghai location. Frank’s work has been recognized by awards and organizations like WAF, MIPIM Asia, China’s Most Successful Design Award or Perspective Hong Kong. He is known in the industry for being a thought leader, which has led him to speak at reputable conferences across Europe and Asia. 


We offer a full-package service

logon spearheads all phases of planning: project positioning, preliminary design, schematic design, design development, construction documentation and onsite construction site service. logon’s design services are numerous: architecture design, urban design & planning, landscape design and interior design. logon seamlessly integrates unlikely professions and internal departments to ensure that every plan is finalized in a holistic way.

A whole cycle service

Two ways we offer a full package service: First, we provide many types of design from urban design to interior design, supported by a multi-disciplinary team. Second, we serve clients throughout the design cycle, from the preliminary research hosted by the logon lab, and through the different design processes, up to the construction and completion.


Our architecture is the product of the process of analysis and logical choices, which has been formed over many years within our growing team. logon remains confident that the best design comes with the seamless integration of research and positioning, design approach and project execution. Our approach is to use techniques inspired by local traditions. It is a process that we are proud of, and the proof is business success for our partners.



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